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9 Essential Amino Acids Your Body Is In Need Of!

9 Essential Amino Acids Your Body Is In Need Of!

Your body requires 20 different amino acids from protein sources to function correctly. While 11 of these amino acids can be produced by the body and are called “nonessential amino acids”,9 of them must be obtained from a dietary source.

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Our EAA Formula Delivers A Large 11 Gram Dose Of These Essential Amino Acids, Critical For Muscle Growth, Repair, Hormone Regulation And Energy Function To Name A Few Workout Related Benefits. To See A Full List Of EAA’s Functions Click Here  And Scroll To The Product Description Area For A Breakdown Of Each Functioning Ingredient Found In Driven EAA's. 

Taken Prior To Or During Intense Training, EAA’s Can Reduce Muscle Breakdown By Being Readily Available In The Bloodstream. When Amino Acids Are Not Readily Available From A Dietary Source Your Body Will Utilize The Proteins From Skeletal Muscle Tissue To Be Broken Down Into Amino Acids For Energy And Metabolism. Proteins Stored In The Body Are Constantly Being Broken Down And Rebuilt (Protein Synthesis).


The Balance Between Muscle Breakdown And Synthesis Determines The Amount Of Protein Stored In Skeletal Muscle. When More Proteins Are Present More Repair And Growth Can Take Place. 

Taking Free Form EAA’s In Supplement Form Heightens Your Anabolic Activity Surrounding Your Training And Helps With Energy Metabolism During Training. Driven Nutrition EAA’s Also Contain Electrolytes For Added Hydration And Nutrient Delivery Along With Vitamin C For Immune Health.