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Beta Alanine: A CrossFitter’s Secret Weapon?

Beta Alanine: A CrossFitter’s Secret Weapon?

Beta alanine. You’ve heard of it before – but what exactly is it?

 The cause behind that harmless tingly feeling you get after taking some pre-workouts has taken the sports nutrition world by storm in the last few years. With countless research studies conducted on the effects of beta alanine, it’s a nutritional supplement that is trusted and safe for you to take.

The non-essential amino acid really practices what it preaches – it can help enhance your sports performance and endurance. Using beta alanine can increase your time to exhaustion, allowing for more reps in your WODs…ultimately leading to a better overall workout.

Interested in the science behind how Beta Alanine works? Check out our blog where we dive into how beta-alanine reacts in the body to enhance performance!

Is beta alanine a good choice for you to add into your dietary supplement rotation? How do you properly consume it? Let’s dive in and see if beta alanine may be your next key to finding CrossFit success.

How do CrossFitters benefit from beta alanine?

Beta alanine is best used to supplement short, high-intensity bursts of energy. As CrossFit WODs tend to have shorter, higher-intensity protocols, athletes are likely to find benefit from supplementing with this amino acid.  

We believe in beta alanine’s power to enhance your workout so much so that we wrote a separate article specifically about how beta alanine enhances your CrossFit workout. Some of the key benefits we discuss include boosting endurance and power output and accelerating recovery and optimal training volume.

How to Use Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is an ingredient in some pre-workouts already – however, what if your favorite pre-workout does not already include beta alanine? There’s no need to switch your current pre-workout if you don’t want to - Driven offers unflavored beta alanine powder as a great drink additive. Just add a scoop of the powder to your pre-workout, shake up, and you’re ready to crush your WOD. We recommend adding a scoop to our FLOW & DYSRUPT blends for a delicious & performance enhancing combo.

Beta alanine is a supplement whose benefits grow over time. Consistent usage of the supplement will gradually lead to the desired effects

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