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Driven February Athlete of the Month

Driven February Athlete of the Month

A shining light in the fitness community, Amanda (@simplymander) has a passion for being a voice of honesty within the fitness and nutrition industry. Amanda’s fitness journey started in 2015 through CrossFit and has grown into other sports such as boxing, and a great love for nutrition. She is passionate about nutrition for female athletes and strives to give her clients supplements and vitamins that actually work.  

Amanda currently works as a NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner), helping all kinds of clients hit their nutritional goals. Her clients range from marathon runners to the “everyday lifestyle” client just looking to ensure they are fueling their bodies properly! She also serves clients with chronic diseases like PCOS & Hashimoto’s to help with their special dietary needs. Amanda is also a social media content creator and has a strong presence on Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok (check out Amanda’s profiles – isn’t she AWESOME!). She even has her own app for clients to be able to follow different types of programming! Her passion for helping others is obvious and contagious. 

A typical day of meals for Amanda is typically filled with a variety of nutrients to help her continue performing at her best. Here’s an example of what she eats in a day:

Breakfast: egg white breakfast sandwich on a protein bagel with chicken bacon and Swiss cheese.

Post-workout: Driven Nutrition ISODRIVE (vanilla) blended with Ice, banana, honey & peanut butter

Lunch: grilled chicken with sweet potatoes or arepas and veggies

Snack: oatmeal fiber cookies with yogurt

Dinner: ground beef with peppers, spinach, and jasmine rice

Snack: Greek yogurt chocolate bar 

Nighttime Sleep Aid: Driven R&R Rest and Recovery Sleep Support

For those just getting started on their fitness journey, Amanda highly suggests documenting your progress. However you choose to do so – and even if you aren’t where you want to be yet – documenting your progress will show you how far you've come months and years down the road. 

Amanda, we’re so happy to have you on the Driven team and feature you as our February Athlete of the Month. You truly are Driven by Excellence!