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June Athlete of the Month - Jordan Kerr

June Athlete of the Month - Jordan Kerr

Growing up, Jordan Kerr (@jordan_kerrcf) always participated in competitive sports and fitness. After not pursuing a college athletic career, he decided to try a CrossFit class with a friend and ended up loving it. Fast forward 10 years, those feelings haven’t changed! 

The community was second to none in how they accepted me with open arms and supported me, the challenges both mentally and physically drew me in and gave me something to work for, and the feeling of how rewarding it felt to complete the workouts was something I hadn’t felt before, so I knew this was where I belonged.”

We asked Jordan why he loved being a Driven athlete, he said it is because of the community. 

“I feel like there is always a solid support group behind me composed of Driven employees and athletes and it feels special.  as an athlete on competition floors and through social media. They’re a great company being run by incredible people and I’m so grateful and thankful to be a part of this brand and family!”

Jordan’s favorite products are Micronized Creatine and PostWOD. He knows that he can use these products after his training is over to fuel his muscles and boost his recovery!

Jordan’s advice to people just starting out in the fitness world comes down to two things. He says to choose an avenue of fitness that makes you happy! It doesn’t need to be CrossFit, just something that provides a community that makes you happy. The second thing is to not compare yourself to those around you. Do what you can with the abilities you have been given and have fun!

Jordan, thank you so much for being a Driven athlete and representing our brand so well!