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March Athlete of the Month

March Athlete of the Month

Taylor Loyd’s (@tdl_does_life) fitness journey is a comeback story like never before. Growing up, she loved participating in any sport that came her way, including track and softball. With her challenging upbringing, Taylor didn't have the space or guidance to focus on sports. She ended up going down a path of drugs and partying instead of pursuing any future with athletics.

“I was really really good and blew any chance at excelling in sports because I chose drugs and partying and lacked self confidence. No one told me how capable I really was so I really doubted myself.” 

Taylor eventually started to coach boxing, and found it was something she loved, which led her back to athletics.  While coaching, she had some issues with her body image.  

“I had a huge issue with wanting to be super skinny and tiny so I got into bodybuilding as an accepted and even applauded way to be so strict with my diet and cardio.” 

Bodybuilding taught her discipline, but messed with her mentally and her relationship with food. Taylor was eventually introduced to CrossFit, and she fell in love with the sport.  

“CrossFit was everything I ever needed.  I thrived the day I started.” 

Taylor pursued CrossFit for 7 years and dedicated her heart, soul, and life to the sport. She won the Individual category at The Fittest Experience, competed in Wodaplooza, and competed in Regionals and Semifinals.  Eventually Taylor’s priorities changed, and she now focuses on building her business and her life with her two dogs.  

Taylor is an athletic and strength coach and has her own apparel brand.   When asked what she would say to someone just starting their fitness journey, Taylor replied, “Best advice I can give is you don't have to be perfect. you just have to be consistent …  the basics work. Don't try to complicate it.” 

Taylor, you are an inspiration, and embody what it means to STAY DRIVEN.  We are proud to have you as a Driven Athlete!  Thank you for sharing your story.