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No A/C? No problem! 6 Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

No A/C? No problem!  6 Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to acclimate to summer heat and HOT BOXES!  Here in southern Missouri, many of our CrossFit gyms have no A/C, and unless your part of the 5am crew, you are going to sweat a lot.   We want to set you up for success - so here are five tips to combat that summer heat during an intense WOD!

1. Hydration

Hydration is key to keep your body feeling healthy this summer, especially if you are working out in the heat . Staying hydrated helps your body stay cool by enabling efficient sweat production, which aids in dissipating heat and maintaining a stable body temperature. Hydrate before, during, and after the workout with Driven Nutrition EAAs to set your body up for success. 

 2. Appropriate Clothing

Wear lightweight, breathable clothing to keep your body cool and dry- stay away from anything with 100% cotton, as this material will lock in moisture.  A sweatband or headband is also super helpful to keep sweat out of your eyes. 

3. Acclimate Gradually

It takes time to get used to working out in the heat.  Don’t expect to get a PR on the first 95 degree day of the Summer. Your body will adapt to training in the heat over the course of the Summer, but its still important to be mindful to have you feel when working out outdoors.

4. Modify the Workout

Its ok to pace yourself during the workouts! Starting at a slower pace will help you gauge how your body will respond to the heat. Modifying the intensity is another great way to keep your body feeling its best. It is super important to listen to your body in the heat. If your heartrate skyrockets, you start getting chills, or if you feel dizzy- you need to take a break. 

5. Cool Down Strategies   

Take a walk after your workout to allow your heartbeat to slowly return to normal.  Hydrate immediately and consider taking a post-workout supplement like PostWOD to help your body replenish what was lost during your workout. 

6. Nutrition

Make sure you are eating enough and nourishing your body properly. Its super important that you are replenishing what your body is losing while you sweat. Studies show that a lack of the important trace minerals in our bodies increases the chance of heart failure. Trace minerals are not something we can just replace with food. So make sure you are taking a daily trace mineral complex so that you are properly replacing these important minerals in your body during the summer heat. Driven carries an awesome HIS/HERs multivitamin formulated for athletes, full of all the important things you need to keep your system balanced. 

These tips will help your body stay successful this summer during the intense heat. Have fun and stay sweaty, and continue to stay driven!