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Driven May Featured Athletes: Team CrossFit Lakeville Blacklisted

Driven May Featured Athletes:  Team CrossFit Lakeville Blacklisted

Our featured Driven athletes this month are from “Team Blacklisted”, a Semifinal team based out of CrossFit Lakeville.  


Dr. Kelly Wild 

Kelly’s fitness journey started at a young age with soccer.  In high school, she played varsity soccer and hockey. Her commitment and talent allowed her to play for the US U-18 and U-22 women's national hockey teams. Following high school, she played  Division I hockey at Ohio State and also played Club Ultimate Frisbee.  

Kelly was introduced to CrossFit and fell in love with the sport, going on to compete on five CrossFit Regionals teams and three CrossFit games teams. Kelly has also won several national Olympic weightlifting titles and competed on Team USA at the Pan Ams in 2021. 

Being a Driven Athlete aligns perfectly with my dedication to health and fitness! To me, Driven Nutrition isn't just a supplement company; it’s a catalyst for transformation. Their mission to empower athletes and create a supportive community resonates with my own goals of continuous improvement and excellence. As I return to CrossFit with the CrossFit Lakeville Blacklisted team, I am proud to be part of a brand that prioritizes my well-being and shares my passion for transforming lives through fitness!

Kelly’s advice to anyone starting their fitness journey?

Focus on consistency and patience. Results don't come overnight, and it's the small, daily efforts that add up over time. Set realistic goals, celebrate your progress, and don’t get discouraged by setbacks! Find activities you enjoy, as this will make it easier to stay committed. Surround yourself with a supportive community, and don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance. Remember, everyone's journey is unique, so trust the process and stay dedicated to your own path.

Favorite Driven Product: Driven Chocolate Milkshake Whey.  

Brandon Schipper

Brandon’s fitness journey started when he began competitive water skiing at 7 years old.  He was introduced to CrossFit as a way to stay in shape for water skiing, and he has now been skiing professionally for 3 years! 

Basing my life around fitness has given me so many crazy opportunities and allowed me to realize the potential of the human body! The human body is nuts and way more capable than I ever imagined.

Why does Brandon love being a Driven athlete?  He tells us, “The Driven Nutrition vibes are flawless because the people that work there are awesome, the people that use their products are awesome, and the brand is just awesome.” His favorite Driven products are Micronized Creatine and FLOW. 

His advice to someone starting their fitness journey is to set performance-based goals and bring intensity to any workout or activity you do.  Brandon also says to play as many sports outside the gym as possible. 

Favorite Driven Product: Driven Flow and Driven Creatine

Sammy Nalley 

Sammy was a was a high-level gymnast through high school and a Junior Olympics competitor. After an injury during her senior year, Sammy decided not to pursue college sports.  A friend introduced her to Cross Fit in 2013, and she fell in love with the sport.  Sammy competed on her first Games team in 2021 and was signed to a United Grid League Team.  

Being able to be competitive at something as an adult was fantastic, even after having a baby and becoming a mom. It gave me a whole new sense of confidence in myself and my body. I had spent my whole life mad at myself for having broad shoulders and not being skinny, and now I get to use my body to do some really cool things. 

Why does Sammy love being a Driven athlete?  She says that supplements have helped her to reach her full athletic potential. 

Having Driven’s support has been AMAZING. I’m lifting more weight than I ever have and I overall just feel fast, energized, and strong. 

Her advice to someone just starting their fitness journey is to surround yourself with people who are better than you.  Respect and listen to your coaches, and you get out of your community what you put into it.  

Favorite Driven Product: Mango EAA’s, Creatine, and Strawberry Milkshake Whey.

Driven Nutrition is proud to be represented by Team CrossFit Lakeville Blacklisted. Great job at Semifinals!  You guys ROCK!