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What is The Driven Cheat Code?

What is The Driven Cheat Code?

Whether you are starting a new workout routine and are excited to get to the gym, or a veteran who’s workout routine has become as disciplined as brushing your teeth. Everyone wants to get the most out of their time and work in the gym. The question is, what are the best supplements to take during training to increase endurance, intensity, and recovery?


We can answer this question with two simple, yet effective products that can be enjoyed together while you train. Driven Nutrition™ EAA and GlycoDrive can be STACKED together for one excellent intra-workout drink!

Sipping EAA’s in your water as you train provides a consistent, balanced ratio of essential amino acids to skeletal muscle when training. Protein-containing foods are broken down into amino acids as well and are used in the same way as free-form amino acids to build, repair, and maintain muscle mass. During a workout however, free-form amino acids from our EAA formula can be more rapidly and easily digested. This stimulates muscle protein synthesis (mTOR) without any feelings of fullness while you train. Having these amino acids readily circulating in the bloodstream increases nitrogen retention and helps speed the recovery process. Our EAA formula also contains natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated and reduce the feelings of fatigue.  

Now with the breakdown and early repair of muscle addressed, let's add the next ingredient to this intra-workout stack. GlycoDrive, our performance carbohydrate, is 100% cluster dextrin and is sometimes referred to as highly-branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD). We know workouts require energy; you need lots of it and you need it in the moment or your workout slows and fatigue sets in. Adding GlycoDrive, a fast-acting carbohydrate combined with EAA’s, eases digestion without causing feelings of bloatedness or fullness. Cluster Dextrin is proven to deliver smooth, constant energy while training without spiking insulin or causing a crash in blood sugars. 

Start stacking these to intra-workout powerhouses and you’ll feel like you found an extra gear the next time you hit the gym. Not a lifter? No problem. The same biologic principles and nutrition apply for endurance and high intensity athletes as well. Train smarter, longer, and with more intensity by adding EAA’s and GlycoDrive to your intra-workout mix!

Suggested Use: Mix one to two scoops of GlycoDrive with one to two scoops of EAA’s in as much water as you plan to drink during your workout. Adjust the dosage based on your size, duration of training, and intensity level. Happy Training!